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Purple Horse Garden has brightened our lives and our salon with many vibrant bouquets. The work and artistry with flowers are breath-taking. I would recommend their bouquets for any special occasion or event...and you will enjoy their long-lasting beauty as we have.
Charlotte, Burlington, WA


For hundreds of years, the cottage gardens of England have bloomed with a glorious, poetic abundance.

I am Amy Hughes, and grew up experiencing and enjoying these wonderful gardens. I was taught by my mother, who in turn learned from her father.

Now, I offer the bounty to you. You don't need a special occasion. These bouquets are just right to brighten your day for any reason or no reason at all.

Snaphot portrait of Amy Hughes, owner of Purple Horse Garden

Each is rendered from my own garden. Lilies, Daises, Roses, Gladiolus and many more varieties. Each bouquet is unique, local, and seasonal. No hothouse flowers, and nothing shipped from beyond our wonderful local part of the world.

Simple to order. Simple to enjoy.

Garden as though you will live forever …
William Kent
Sample bouquet. Click to zoom in. Sample bouquet. Click to zoom in. Sample bouquet. Click to zoom in. Sample bouquet. click to zoom in. Sample bouquet. Click to zoom in.

How to Order

To order, please use the "get bouquets" order form on this page. Scheduling will be confirmed and cash payment is expected at pickup. Please bring exact cash.

Bouquets are designed "cottage style", which means each one is individually created with what is in season and blooming my garden at the time you order. Because of this, I cannot accept orders for specific flowers and I do not have standardized arrangements.

All flowers are cut and banded for vases, so you can just drop them in a vase.

We can provide delivery for an extra $10.00, but all deliveries must be within a 5 mile radius of our garden and we only make deliveries once a week.

We do not offer shipping or drop-by service.

I received a bouquet from Purple Horse Garden as a gift. It was lovely and simply perfect for the occasion. It brightened my home for many days beyond the event and brought such joy into my home.
Marie, Bow, WA

* The online purchase price of the bouquet is higher than the cash porch-pickup price due to the banking fees and percentages that accompany the service. Thank you.
* We will contact you by email to finalize the details.

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