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...Exactly what the bride had hoped for. The bride's colors were captured in each piece, and her first impression was sheer delight. The charming designs were admired and commented on by members of the wedding party and guests as well.

Welcome to our Gardens

Purple Horse Garden is a private garden located in the heart of Burlington, Washington. Our primary focus has been the creation of personalized bouquet sales. However, over the past several years we had lots of time to devote to our favorite hobby, gardening. As a result, we have received encouragement to "share" our gardens on a limited basis with friends and their families. It is a place of beauty, peace and privacy.

We encourage you to visit the gardens and form your own first-hand impressions.

If a quiet, peaceful garden in city location is what you’re looking for, Purple Horse Garden is the perfect place for your special gathering. Please send questions and inquiries directly via email to and put "Sharing your gardens" in the subject.

Current Availability

  • JUNE 2024 - 2 weekends
  • JULY 2024 - 2 weekends
  • MAY 2025 - last 2 weekends of month
** Reservations and 1/3 down payment required. Availability is on a first come, first-served basis.

Our gardens are extremely well-suited for hosting small, intimate garden gatherings – special occasions and small weddings.

There is a maximum guest list limit of 60 people, with onsite parking for up to 30 cars.

Last-minute "surprise" attendees cannot be accommodated.

As a courtesy to guests we offer the following:

  • 6 48" round tables with white linens and lavender toppers
  • 6 lavender umbrellas with anchor stands
  • Floral decorations (silk or from our gardens) for around umbrellas
  • 10 x 10 tent for caterers convenience is available, including power

Toilet facilities can be coordinated by Purple Horse Garden for delivery & pickup but paid for separately by the user. Such facilities would have to be rented for guest convenience.

The balance owing, plus the cost of any additional rental items (toilet facilities, etc.) is due in full 1 week prior to the date selected, including a security deposit to cover any damage to facilities, flowers, furniture, etc. It is 100% refundable if no damage occurs. A full review of the scheduled party will be made at the time of final payment.

  • No hard alcohol is allowed on site – only beer & wine. A liquor license will need to be purchased by the client and presented at the time of final payment and contract signature.
  • No smoking
  • No DJs, live, or electric guitar music. Any amplified music must be at a level acceptable to the environment. Acoustical instruments are encouraged. Our focus is creating a place of peace and natural harmony.
  • All catering companies will be interviewed and approved by management, prior to any gathering, to be sure they have the necessary items for their work and to outline what, if anything, Purple Horse Garden may need to provide.
  • All children must be supervised at all times. These are "gardens" and not play fields. There are many opportunities in which children could injured themselves.
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